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Hardwares  in construction, despite the fact that its constitute only a fraction of a percent of all materials used during building construction have a huge impact on the comfort of their subsequent use. The most frequently made steel strip used for closing, joining and securing windows and doors has a direct effect on the tightness of the joinery. Very important are also security and burglary resistance. The most common fittings includes:

  • Closing hardwares,
  • Connecting hardwares,
  • Security,
  • Mounting hardwares,
  • Covering hardwares.


What kind of hardwares we use in production of  the windows and doors in our company?

During the production of window and door carpentry, several types of hardwares are mounted on the sash frame. The most commonly used are bolts, struts and various types of hinges. The selection of these elements has a decisive impact on the final quality of the window or door. That is why its careful assembly is important during the producing process. On the home market, you can easily find hardwares of various quality. Both the cheapest, usually Chinese production, and the excellent quality of reputable manufacturers. The biggest of them are: WinkHaus, Maco, Roto or Siegenia. Their solutions, and in particular WinkHaus is the highest shelf in this field. During the manufacturing of woodwork in our production plant, we use products only and only reputable manufacturers, thereby increasing the product life time. Below we will try to describe the technical innovations that manufacturers use and what we use in our products, making your everyday life easier.