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activePilot Control

The WinkHaus activPilot Control system is a special type of contact striker plates which are mounted on the window frame. Properly placed, they cooperate with the hardwares  in the window sash. Their work is to constantly monitor the position of the leaf relative to the frame, control the air conditioning and / or cooker hood and cooperate with the alarm system. They are inserted in an invisible place – between the sash and the frame.

ActivPilot Control system – functional principle.

Mounted WinkHaus activPilot Control striker plater indicate which windows are closed, which are open and which are locked. At the same time, they are able to act as an additional function that controls the operation of heating, alarm system or kitchen hood operation. Thus, they form part of smartDom devices. Their most commonly used function – burglary sensor enables connection to virtually all alarm systems used on the market. There is no need to install additional external sensors. In many cases, activPilot Control sensors are consider when calculating discounts for  the home insurance premium.

WinkHaus activePilot Control

Data transmission between the sensor and the receiving device is carried out by means of radio waves of appropriate frequency. This guarantees their high efficiency and reliability. This directly translates into an increase safety of householders. Each of the transponders and sensors placed on the window use a unique code (pair of devices). During the movement of the leaf relative to the frame, a signal is sent to the recording device (eg to the alarm system control panel) by activating its programmed process (eg initiating an alarm). An additional protection is also the possibility of recognizing the signal not of its transponder (so-called foreign signal) and the corresponding reaction.

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Characteristics of ActivPilot Control systems.

WinHaus ActivPilot Control systems in a diverse of variants are the perfect solution to improve the safety of home residents. Besides:

  • they are compatible with WinkHaus standard hardwares in tilt & turn systems (activPilot);
  • are mostly compatible with hardwares systems from other manufacturers;
  • have striker plates with adjustable position;
  • they can be used for popular window shapes (eg for arched windows, trapezoidal windows, etc.);

A lot of additional information about the system can be found in the information leaflet or – more detailed – in the catalog of activPilot systems. The information is available in PDF files and for them to be properly browsed, it is necessary to install the free AdobeReader program. In order to obtain more technical information, we encourage you to contact our sales office by phone or contact us via the form provided next.

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