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activPilot Select

Peripheral hardware is a very important element of carpentry. As is known, nobody does not change windows every few years, so you should choose the best solutions. The WinkHaus company is a renowned hardware manufacturer. The most modern products are invisible hinges. ActivPilot Select is tilt-and-turn hardware that fits into the cutting space. System elements can be used in practictly any window. The use of such elements allows for modern design, standard hinge hardwares do not have many design-  they limit our capabilities

ActivPilot Select system – aesthetics, ergonomics and ease of assembly.

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The use of WinkHans hinges gives great aesthetic values. The hardwares are not visible when the window is closed. In addition, what is worth highlighting these systems also affect the energy efficiency of the entire window. The lack of thermal bridges on the window frame and the continuity of the gasket around the circumference reduce energy losses. The hardwares are also very durable because their load capacity is up to 150 kg. The developed and proven concept of this hardware system facilitates the assembly and adjustment of our installers. The bolts are mounted close to the corners, which significantly affects the protection against burglary. The convenience and security of our customers are the most important for us .

Technical and assembly parameters of the AactivPilot Select system.

ActivPilot Select is suitable for installation in windows and balcony doors with an opening angle of approx. 95°. The adjustment takes place without the use of special tools. The system is suitable for all types of windows, both wooden, aluminum and PVC. Preferred dimensions of the sash for the system :

  • The minimum height of the sash in the notch is 230 mm;
  • The minimum width of the sashin the notch is 380 mm;
  • Maximum height of the sash in the notch: 2800 mm;
  • Maximum width of the sash in the notch: 1725 mm ;
  • The ratio of width to height S: W ≤ 2: 1;
  • Maximum weight of the sash: 150 kg;
  • Possibility of adjustment in the range of + 3 / – 2 mm, lateral adjustment +/- 2 mm, and clamp to the casing +/- 0.8 mm.
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A lot of additional information about the system can be found in the activPilot Select system catalog. The information is available in a PDF file, you have to install the free Adobe Reader program to view it correctly. The exact application ranges can be found on the manufacturer’s website.
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