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activPilot Concept

The modular hardware system manufactured by WinkHaus is an innovative and at the same time very practical solution used in windows with standard parameters. In addition, it has attractive additional functions, such as a modern locking  system, or the ability to quickly change the standard of safety. An important element in favor of using the activPilot Concept system is its design. Aesthetics and decorative accents perfectly harmonize with ergonomics and functionality. Frame hooks and hinges have rounded edges, which apart from the perfect appearance helps to keep clean for many years. An octagonal hook with an eccentric bolt guarantees perfect window tightness both in the case of the flagship version and with increased resistance to burglary. In addition, it allows easy adjustment of the sash  pressure to the frame.

activePilot system – durability and safety.

WinkHaus activPilot Concept hardwares are sold in a  silver color . They are galvanically coated in accordance with DIN EN 1670 (2007), class 4, which means long-term protection against corrosion. In addition, as we have already mentioned, thanks to its modular structure allows easy change of the safety standard. It is enough to replace a few catches from the standard version to anti-burglary. The octagonal locking bolts used in the construction are made of high quality steel ensuring a completely secure locking. Depending on the number and type of anti-theft catches used, activPilot Concept meets the requirements of DIN EN 1627: 1630 in RC2 class .

Certificates and technical tests of activPilot Concept systems.

The hardwares manufacturer has obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, which is valid in all production plants of the company. This ensures that each production plant follows the appropriate procedures throughout the entire production process. This guarantees the highest quality of each manufactured hardware. In addition, the product group itself, activPilot Concept has passed the required tests (strength and mechanical) in accordance with DIN EN 13126-8, and QM 328 ifi Rosenheim. This confirms that the product meets the highest European standards. The relevant certificates can be downloaded on our website – certificates. It should be noted that this hardware system has been tested in terms of suitability for windows with a sash weight not exceeding 130kg. Furthermore this hardware system should be used in situations where

  • the minimum width of the sash in the notch is not less than 270 mm;
  • the maximum width of the sash in notches does not exceed 1725 mm;
  • the maximum sash size does not exceed 3 m² ;
  • the permissible weight of the sash does not exceed 100 kg;
  • in the case of an additional ZSR spacer applied from 1475 mm wide sash, the minimum and maximum wing sizes may be from 230 mm to 2800 mm.
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For those of you who already have windows purchased in our company together with the activPilot Concept hardware system, we provide helpful user and maintenance instructions in the PDF file. In order to obtain more technical information, we encourage you to contact our sales office by phone or contact us via the form provided alongside.

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