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Entrance doors

An entrance door protects your privacy, prevents intruders from entering and, as the most visible and impressive element of the building, tells us much about your taste and financial status. It is essential to be advised by a specialist what kind of door would suit your needs regarding a modest house, luxury residence or just a flat. Your analysis should consider the size, colour, ornament, fittings and finally the material your dream door will be made of.

PVC-u Door Aluminium door Steel doors
PVC-u doors Aluminium doors Steel doors
  • PVC DOOR – the wide range of panels enables you to match the style of the door with the look of your house. Ideal for houses.
  • ALUMINIUM DOOR – its simple and aesthetic design complements commercial and public buildings well.
  • STEEL DOOR – high-quality, anti-burglary door made of corrosion resistant, laminated steel with polyurethane foam inside giving thermal and sound insulation. Perfect for houses.

Taking a style, size, location of the building and your financial ability into consideration you should carefully compose your ideal door of various physical properties and aesthetic values to create a perfect product for the particular place. In each category of evaluation you can find a big span of absolute and relative values referring to thermal and sound insulation, burglary resistance, durability or beauty. Our company specialises in manufacturing PVC doors that can be used in balcony, terrace and entrance openings. This kind of door guarantees highest possible durability, virtually no maintenance and perfect thermal and sound insulation. In locations where there is a higher risk of burglary we recommend very attractive, certified burglary-resistant doors.

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