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Glazing bars

We can design  windows using mullions and transoms or various kinds of aluminium or PVC glazing bars. Their use in simple and classic designs provide the perfect complement to an elegant design. Bars do not have to be arranged at equal distances, the arrangement is dependent on customer preferences and technological capabilities.

Glazing bars

Examples of fitting glazing bars in the windows.

In what variants are glazing bars ?

There are three variants of glazing bars:

  • internal (inside insulated glass unit);
  • stuck-on “Viena”;
  • construction;
Internal Glazing barstuck-on Construction bars
These glazing bars are inserted only into the insulated glass units. They are made of aluminum, veneered or covered with special films matching the color of profiles.  Their sizes are: 8 mm, 18 mm, 26 mm or 45 mm. They may be joined at any angle. Glazing bars have their silicone cushions which keep them in place.The stuck-on bars are complemented with aluminium spacers which fill the space between panes. These bars are stuck on a glass surface with a self-adhesive tape and the range of their sizes is: 25 mm, 45 mm or 75 mm. This design provides a visual impression of a full structural glazing bar.These are called transoms and mullions. Each glass unit is fitted in a separate section, which works well as an additional reinforcement of the window construction. Another advantage is the ease of replacing only a single unit, not a whole glass unit of the sash, as in the case of other windows with glazing bars.

Thermal insulation and glazing bars.

It is well known that the bars, mullions or transoms worsen the overall thermal performance of windows in comparison with the full glazing. Installation of this additional element is possible on request.

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