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HST Veka Slide 82 Doors

Architects designing modern homes often choose to put on large terraces which provide an additional exit outside the room. The choice of large, glazed window structures that provide greater impact of external light during the day and a view of the yard. Tilt and turn window carpentry has one very significant defect. Namely, for full operation after opening, it takes a piece of internal space. This is not a problem when the room is extremely spacious, however, when the house design takes into account the prudent management of the place at home, it becomes problematic. An alternative to the balcony windows taking up space can be the construction of sliding windows .. Right next to the Patio sliding windows, you can choose a solution for larger constructions, ie the VEKA Slide HST window..

Veka Slide HST Windows 05

The VEKA Slide HST windows are operated by moving the window construction on a specially designed rail. In comparison to the Patio version, the window sash can only be moved. There is no tilting or standing option, but with the help of a very simple upward movement of the handle, we can lock the window in any position on the rail.

Operation of the handle in the Slide HST system.

The handle in the down position allows the wing to be operated along the entire length of the rail. In the up position, it blocks the movement of the sash in any position chosen by the user on the guide.

Insulation properties of Veka Slide HST profiles

PVC profile VEKA Slide HST provides excellent thermal tightness and noise insulation. A lowered threshold with a flat surface, despite the fact that it has been flush so as not to create an architectural barrier, does not adversely affect the stability of the entire structure. In addition, the threshold has excellent thermal insulation through the use of a duothermal barrier. The drip cap fastened to it facilitates the work planned for later on the terrace and provides support for the mounted external blind. The choice of opening patterns is strictly defined due to the possibility of making up to 4 active window sashes in large constructions.

Veka Slide HST Windows 04

Possibilities of opening HST Slide windows.

Depending on the size of the carpentry, PVC VEKA Slide HST windows can be equipped with up to 4 movable sashes. Thanks to the solid construction of the SLIDE window, they can reach up to 6m in width and 2.5m in height .

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Both PVC VEKA Slide HST windows and PVC window carpentry VEKA Patio can be mounted without any problems even in apartments. Slide HST windows are available in the same color palette as regular window constructions .

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Do you have questions about replacing windows? Regarding the purchase of new ones?

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