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Tilt and slide doors

Classic tilt & turn windows are not the only solution that we can offer you. Sliding windows Patio is an idea which allows you to economise space inside the room. The opening takes place only on moving along the designated guide. Colloquially called ‘slider’ is therefore an alternative to balcony windows opening inwards.

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In the case of sliding windows, the whole system is controlled by simple movements of the handle. Winkhaus window hardwares from the duoPort series are available in several variants. One of them is duoPort SK.

Sliding windows Patio

It is important that the operation of duoPort SK hardwares is based on the 3 positions of the handle. A directed door handle means closing the window. Moving the handle up deflects the upper part of the sash from the frame. At the time the room can be ventilated. Whereas the handle positioned horizontally activates the wing control along the whole length of the guide.

In which profiles can the duoPort SK system be used?

It is worth noting that the duoPort SK system can be mounted in all profiles available with us with a 13 mm notch groove. We are able to produce for you  sliders on both VEKA and Salamander bluEvolution profiles.

In the case of larger constructions, we can even install duoPort SK-Z hardwares with opening support, so-called automaton. However, the duoPort PAS hardware system has a so-called “Intelligent ventilation”, which works by putting away the wing by 6 mm, allowing the air to circulate around its entire circumference, keeping them at the same time on all hooks mounted on the frame.

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The duoPort PAS system is controled using 3 handle positions. A handle down means closing the window, the handle pointing up activates the so-called process. “Intelligent ventilation“, and the handle in a horizontal position allows you to move the sash along the entire length of the rail.

The trolleys that we mount on the sashes of PVC Veka sliding doors are secured with a special cover that protects them from contamination. The locking system has a simple adjustment option that allows setting the optimal clamping force. Thanks to the creation of duoPort hardwares as a modular system, it is possible to increase the level of security. Most often by mounting additional anti-burglary catches or turning locks on the handle.

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Do you have questions about replacing windows? Regarding the purchase of new ones?

Contact Us !

+48 601 890 006 | Gdansk, Poland | 54 Slupska Street.

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