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Window sills

The presence of window sills as an integral part of the window in our homes is widely recognized as a dogma. Window-sills are not only a necessary finishing of the window recess, but also constitute a decorative element of the room. We distinguish several types of windowsills. Those that are used in the interior of the room as well as those used outdoors.

Internal window sills.

Among the internal window-sills defines:

  • PVC window sills – the cheapest and the simplest solution. The color scheme is the same as the window’s colors. You can easily choose the right dimension. Windowsills are coated with high-quality foil, scratch-resistant, and ultraviolet rays. Also characterized by stability and high thermal insulation;
  • MDF windowsills – one of the most-chosen windowsills, not only because of their excellent appearance. The window sill made of MDF was categorized as a wood-like product. It is resistant to moisture and scratches, because it is laminated on both sides or varnished with high-quality wood varnish. The possibility of choosing from a dozen or so colors ensures that the window-sill is adapted to almost every room;
  • Conglomerate window-sills – made of resin and natural stone. Thanks to the high content of the marble aggregate, the windowsill is very resistant to all kinds of damage. It is currently one of the most common choices in finishing construction. Conglomerates, unlike natural stone, may have a uniform color, which means that subdued arrangements retain their incredible style. There are several types available in light shades of white, beige and brown;
  • Postforming HPL window sill– results of compression of core paper layers which is impregnated with phenolic resin with decorative paper. It is impregnated with melamine resin. The windowsill made with this method is resistant to pressure, scratches, abrasion, is easy to clean and also resistant to chemicals;
  • Duromarmur windowsill – it is a product made of mineral aggregate combined with a polyester resin. The top layer is made of polished gelcoat. The large amount of resin used in window sills guarantees high quality, resistance to crumbling, high aesthetics and complete water resistance.
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External window sills.

Another category of windowsills are those used outdoors. Their basic features are: durability, water resistance, resistance to low and high temperatures, resistance to UV rays. Well-mounted external window sills protect the façade and walls against water stains and moisture. Among external window sills defines:

  • Steel windowsills – during production used the highest quality steel sheet. Its thickness oscillates around 0.77 mm. Windowsills are powder coated. Its extremely resistant to temperature fluctuations and other adverse weather conditions;
  • Clinker windowsills – they are made of clinker tiles or fittings. This kind of windowsill can be used in of varying length and width. The facade of the building can be made of the same clinker tiles, which will result in a more noble appearance of the entire trimming.

If you would like to become familiar with our offer, we invite you to our sales outlets. We employ qualified sellers who help you in choosing the right materials for you and present a wide range of colors of all available windowsills. The leading time for windowsills in our company is about 2 – 3 weeks. In addition, you can order assembly and transport services.

Window sills PVC | MDF | Conglomerate

From the left: PVC windowsill, covered with a thermoplastic foil, MDF windowsills and a conglomerate sill.

To protect the interior of the apartment and facade from rain and snow, we recommend extremely durable, aesthetic and inexpensive external windowsills made of galvanized and powder coated steel sheet available in the entire RAL color palette. Slightly more expensive, everlasting drips are made of aluminum sheet. An interesting appearance of the building can be obtained by installing imitating steel or clinker window sills. Thanks to such a rich offer, we can compete even with trade companies specializing in windowsills.

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