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The beginning of the Gdańska Fabryka Okien (Gdansk Windows Factory)  reaches the beginning of the 21st century, and from the very beginning of the company, we adopted the principle that the windows we manufacture must be of the highest quality. We have gained a strong position in the industry thanks to a professional, skilled staff, which could perfectly apply qualities of a German manufacturing technology. What’s more, we have the most modern production lines to make energy-efficient, premium class plastic windows from the German Veka profiles.

New windows? Why should you choose our company?

In one place, you have the opportunity to get a comprehensive range of our products and seek professional advice. Our staff are at your disposal to help you in choosing appropriate windows. Moreover, in our offer you will find a wide range of garage doors and front doors that will match the windows you ordered.

PVC Windows | Polish Window Factory

Products of the Polish Window Factory guarantee a beneficial purchase. We produce custom-made windows and provide favorable prices and a short lead time. We encourage you to make contact and get acquainted with our offer, which we present below:

Windows Veka Perfectline 70AD

Windows Veka Perfectline 70 AD – a very popular uPVC profile is suitable for both a big scale production and manufacturing of small orders. For years, we have been replacing worn-out wooden windows with robust and affordable windows made of profile Perfectline in blocks of flats and fitting new-built houses […]

Veka Alphaline 90 MD Windows

The finest from all VEKA window profiles is Alphaline 90 MD. Its’ royal insignia are the results of windows made using these profiles. Each conscious investor who bases his decision on the purchase of verifiable properties of the product, looks for windows that guarantee durability, reliability and energy savings.. The […]

Veka Effectline 70 AD Windows

VEKA Effectline 70 AD windows are manufactured with the highest quality impact-resistant hardened polyvinyl chloride PVC. Profile fits into building and environmental standards. They may be used not only while building houses, but also for the general construction of public institutions. The main features of the VEKA Effectline 70 AD […]

Veka Softline 82 MD – Class A Windows

The window profile, thanks to which you will reduce energy expenses, are definitely the VEKA Softline 82 MD windows. In conjunction with the triple glazing unit Uw = 0.5 and retractable hardware, this profile allows you to achieve a low heat transfer coefficient, which will significantly affect heating savings and […]