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Veka Artline 82 MD Windows

Modernist house designs often have to be limited by very standard window joinery solutions. The Veka Artline 82 MD system is a modern proposal from the renowned VEKA company. This revolutionary profile is designed to please the eye with its gentleness. This solution will be perfect both in modern buildings and when renovating older buildings.

Veka Artline 82 MD Profile 01

The main features of the VEKA Artline 82 MD profile:

  • Building thickness 82 mm;
  • 6-chamber frame profile and 5-chamber sash profile;
  • The possibility of mounting a glazing unit with a thickness of 34 mm to 60 mm;
  • The heat transfer coefficient Uw of windows achieves high results;
  • Triple gasket system;
  • The aluminum overlay allows to choose colors from virtually the entire range of RAL colors;
  • Easy-to-maintain PVC profiles for long-lasting use;
  • The axis of the groove allows the use of a wide range of hardwares;
  • A wide range of connecting and complementary elements.

Artline 82 MD is a multi-chamber profile equipped with a system of three gaskets. It has an excellent heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.0 W / m²K. When the frame is built with an insulation layer, it reaches the standards required for windows in passive buildings. The uniqueness of the Artline 82 MD window system is that the leaf profile is fully embedded in the frame profile. From the outside you can see only the frame profile with a height of 111 mm. It is both in the version with fixed glazing and in the window with the wing; A wide range of connecting and complementary elements

We produce profiles from the Veka Artline 82 MD series only in white. Their slightly rounded shapes will distinguish every facade. Look modern and elegant. Produced from high-quality PVC, they have a very smooth surfach which is easy to clean.

Artline 82 MD profile – documentation, description, technical data, parameters – available in a PDF file.

Veka Artline 82 MD Windows 01