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Veka Effectline 70 AD Windows

VEKA Effectline 70 AD windows are manufactured with the highest quality impact-resistant hardened polyvinyl chloride PVC. Profile fits into building and environmental standards. They may be used not only while building houses, but also for the general construction of public institutions.

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The main features of the VEKA Effectline 70 AD windows:

  • Profile in the highest class of the profile (A class);
  • 70 mm thickness;
  • 5-chamber structure of the profile;
  • Dual gaskets;
  • Possibility of rearing glazing from 14 mm to 42 mm without the use of additional profiles;
  • The heat transfer coefficient Uw window achieves the result up to about 1.2 W / m2K (for a window of size 1230 × 1480 using the glass with warm edge TGI of Ug = 1.0);
  • Easy maintenance  of PVC profiles ensure long- lasting windows;
  • 13 mm axis of the fitting notch allows the use of a wide range of fittings;
  • Wide range of fasteners and supplementary parts.
Veka Effectline 70 AD Windows 01

The outer wall thickness of 3 mm qualifies the profile in the highest class- A. An installation depth combined with a five-frame structure and wings, significantly affect the stability of windows. Gentle form of profile gives it a classic look that can fit into any design. Smooth surface greatly simplifies maintenance. Extruded gaskets are  appreciated by people who value peace and quiet environment. Seals not only provide excellent thermal insulation, but also acoustic one. Effectline profile is available only in white colour.

Joinery made of this structural has all the best  features from VEKA profiles. What is more, thanks to the slightly reduced frame height, glass area is larger than in other systems, and the price is affordable for everyone. Ability to embed glass-chamber, two-chamber, ornamental, safe, or even burglar-proof (P2 and P4). There are available black and gray seals and all the amenities offered in other systems, such as micro-ventilation, multi-tilt, balcony latch, diffusers, etc.

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