Veka Softline 82 MD windows

Veka Softline 82 MD windows are made of energy-saving profiles. In combination with low-emissivity glass of Ug = 0.5 you can get an energy-efficient window, which significantly increases your savings by reduction of your heating bills. The use of anti-burglary glass and burglar-proof hardware protects your home from intruders. There is also noise control glass available that reduces the level of noise inside to allow you a restful sleep.

Veka Softline 82 windows Veka Softline 82 MD windows


Main features of VEKA SOFTLINE 82 MD profiles:

  • Depth of 82 mm;
  • 7-chamber frame, middle sealing, 6-chamber sash;
  • Glazing units from 24 mm to 52 mm;
  • The heat transfer coefficient Uw of a window reaches the value up to 0.7 W / m2K (for reference window of size 1230 × 1480 with triple glazing of Ug = 0.5 fitted with warm edge spacer TGI);
  • Triple weather sealing;
  • An additional thermal pad provides better thermal performance;
  • Low-maintenance uPVC profiles ensure long life;
  • 13 mm hardware groove allows you to use a wide variety of fittings;
  • A wide range of fasteners, couplings and accessories;
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VEKA Softline 82 MD windows are designed to be bent that enables making arched windows. Our company applies high quality hardware by Winkhaus. These profiles have a wide range of applications – from simple windows, sliding and patio doors to the entrance doors to old and new-build buildings. This is the latest window system, which definitely reduces your energy costs. A multi-chamber system with soft shapes has 82 mm in depth, and excellent Uw value for the whole window. The profiles with additional central seal as standard perfectly reduce noise, drafts, cold and moisture. Veka PVCu windows are made of high quality uPVC and thanks to the smooth surface the care of them becomes a pleasure. The offer is complemented by whole range of additional items such as steel reinforcements, sill fixing profiles, coupling profiles, roller shutter box couplings.

Veka Softline 82 MD windows are available in a rich palette of colors, wood-like decorative foils and metal imitations, e.g. aluminum. Softline 82 is a symbol of innovation and energy efficiency.

Colours of Veka windows

Colours of Veka windows

Veka Softline 82D windows – documentation, description, technical specifications, technical data – available in PDF format.