Veka Perfectline 70AD Windows

Windows Veka Perfectline 70 AD – a very popular uPVC profile is suitable for both a big scale production and manufacturing of small orders. For years, we have been replacing worn-out wooden windows with robust and affordable windows made of profile Perfectline in blocks of flats and fitting new-built houses with those windows.

Veka Perfectline 70AD Windows 03

The main features of the profile Windows VEKA Perfectline 70 AD:

  • Profile of the highest quality –  class A;
  • Thickness 70 mm (front to back);
  • 5-chamber design of the profile;
  • Ability to apply glazing ranging from 14 mm to 42 mm without the use of additional profiles;
  • The heat transfer coefficient Uw reaches a value as low as 1.2 W / m2K (for a reference window of the size 1230 × 1480 fitted with a glass unit with a warm edge spacer bar TGI of Ug = 1.0);
  • Double weather sealing (two gaskets);
  • Easy maintenance PVC profiles ensuring long life;
  • 13 mm axis of the fitting notch allows the use of a wide range of fittings;
  • Wide range of couplings and frame extensions.

The first five-chamber VEKA profile used in residential buildings and offices. Robust five-chamber design of thickness of 70 mm with a wall thickness of 3 mm is used in residential houses and public buildings. Thanks to a thicker glazing the thermal and acoustic insulation can be significantly increased. Windows Veka Perfectline are produced only with calcium-zinc stabilizers. This makes it much more environmentally friendly than windows containing lead stabilizers.

Products made of these profiles have all the good features typical for the VEKA family. At the same time thanks to the slightly reduced frame height the glass area is larger than in other systems. The price is affordable for everyone. You can choose black or grey seals and all the useful features  offered in other systems. These are micro-ventilation, multi-position tilt-limiting device, balcony latch, trickle vents, etc.