PVC Windows

The important role of a window in a building is not always apparent from its inconspicuous look though it is often a decisive factor in perfecting an ambitious design. It also assures comfort and security since it is responsible for letting light in, airing, thermal insulation, protecting from solar radiation heat transfer and burglary.

  • OPTIMUM PVC WINDOWS – these classic PVC windows have the advantage of a simple construction that can be installed in any type of building.
  • PREMIUM PVC WINDOWS – these innovative PVC windows are applied in energy-efficient and ultra-low energy buildings called passive house (based on the German “Passivhaus” concept). Their key feature is a broad multi-chamber profile accommodating a multi-pane insulating glazing unit.
    Sliding Patio Doors
  • SLIDING PATIO DOORS – this durable PVCu system saves space in the room. A door panel slides along a fixed light beside it not obstructing access to the area near the entrance like traditional doors do.

Contemporary windows thanks to mass production have become affordable to the many and constantly improved technology makes them perfect for modern, traditional and listed buildings. The most common materials for manufacturing windows are PVC-u, wood and aluminium. Maintenance-free PVCu Windows made by us are not as expensive as wooden and aluminium ones. One little turn of the handle enables the window performing various functions like airing, closing and wide opening for cleaning and escape purpose and night-vent airing (minimal tilt angle) as well. Extensive range of glazing options enables an efficient thermal and sound insulation, creates a barrier for solar radiation transfer and gives anti-burglary protection. It saves your money and gives you a sense of security and comfort.

Our products range from simple fixed lights and single sash tilt&turn windows to arch windows and two row multiple sash windows that require professional skills and expertise.

Our windows are available not only in white but in a large palette of tints and shades of colours and painted wood imitation effects as well.