PVC Windows Optimum

Choosing PVCu windows one should take good thermal and acoustic performance into consideration. Optimum class A windows are a good choice for both small residential houses and modern office buildings.

PVC Windows Optimum Veka Perfectline 70 AD


This is first five-chamber Veka profile applied in the construction industry. Solid five-chamber, 70 mm deep design with 3 mm thick external walls has been used in all types of buildings. It can be fit with multi-pane insulating glass units, which increase thermal and acoustic insulation. The Perfectline system is made with environment-friendly calcium / zinc stabilizers, which do not harm the environment that compares very favourably with harmful lead stabilizers.

PVC Windows Optimum Veka Cityline


Cityline windows is an ideal choice for small houses and block of flats as well. Excellent thermal and acoustic parameters deem this product to be perfect for urban locations. The combination of five chambers and durable weather sealing guarantees comfort and longevity. A soft line design creates simplicity combined with an elegant look.

PVC Windows Optimum Veka Swingline 70 AD


Double sealing, 3 mm external walls and 70 mm deep multi-chamber system enables a low U value of the whole window and good acoustic insulation. The aesthetics of lightly round edges perfectly matches all kinds of architectural designs. Thanks to well engineered design not only anti-burglary window hardware but also standard one prevents a house from breaking in.

Characteristics of PVC windows optimum


You can choose one of three colours of gaskets: grey (mostly for white windows), black for colour windows and caramel. Window profiles are available in wide range of colours. This system accepts various insulating glass units from double glazed to triple glazed with special panes enabling solar and anti-burglary protection. We can also make perfect ach windows. Our virtually maintenance-free class A products are certified with the EU CE certificate.