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Windowpanes and window profiles are the basis for the production of window and door joinery. Both in products made of PVC and aluminum. A good quality pane provides not only aesthetic values, but above all ensures thermal and acoustic insulation of the room. Therefore, in the production of our window and door joinery, we use the highest quality glass. Such products ensure long-term cooperation with one of the largest glass manufacturers in Europe – AGC Glass Europe with headquarters in Louvian-La_Neuve in Belgium.

Window panes AGC Glass Europe

What kind of window panes do we use in production ?

The company manufactures, processes and distributes not only flat glass, usually used in construction, but also glass for automotive and decorative applications. In the production of our windows and doors, we use glass for glazing flat surfaces with different characteristics. Yes, to meet the highest expectations of our clients. The most commonly used glass panes include:

– safety windowpanes 33.1;
– anti-burglar glass;
– sets of hardened window panes;
– windowpanes sets with a warm frame;
– ornamental window panes sets;
– Stospol windowpanes sets;
– colored windowpanes sets;
– sets of sound absorbing windowpanes;
– sets of windowpanes intended for large surfaces;
– sets of fire-resistant windowpanes;
– windowpanes sets with muntins.

Below are the properties and characteristics of the windowpanes available in our assortment. Each window or door manufactured in our factory can be supplied with any set of glass panes.

Glass with a warm spacer frame

Aspiration for the smallest incisiveness of energy is a priority for carpentry manufacturers. Advanced profile construction or additional glass layers prevent heat transfer. The last element which left to be improved is the spacer frame of the combined glass. Frames are used as sealings for the edges of insulating glass […]

Tempered glass

“Glass: – uncountable is a very fragile material. The hardening process comes with a good solution for it. This kind of┬á activities significantly changes the internal structure, which translates into an increase in strength. Tempered glass is classified as a group of safety glass or “ESG”, “Safety Glass”, “Tempered Glass”. […]

Safety glazing

Safety glass are the most desirable which an average user would like to have in their windows. What makes the glass used in the window qualify for the safety glass? Colloquially, the term safe panes is usually assigned to laminated panes, consisting of two panes of glass with a standard […]