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Glass with a warm spacer frame

Aspiration for the smallest incisiveness of energy is a priority for carpentry manufacturers. Advanced profile construction or additional glass layers prevent heat transfer. The last element which left to be improved is the spacer frame of the combined glass. Frames are used as sealings for the edges of insulating glass units and separate it from each other. The basic raw material for their manufacture is aluminum. Unfortunately, despite the many advantages of this material, it also conducts heat very well, which not giving benefits  in this case. Loss of heat means the lack of full temperature comfort in the room. This thermal penetration through the frame can be observed, for example, in the morning when moisture has gathered on the inside edge of the window. It means that this element has cooled down to the temperature of the so-called “Dew point”. With the passing of time, such places become an ideal base for the growth of mold and bacteria. Mold spores are harmful to health so you have to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Characteristics of the glass with a warm spacer frame.

The solution to this problem are windows with a warm spacer frame. In its, warm spacers are made of an insulating composite of plastics or stainless steel. It is are very good thermal insulators. Frames reduce the amount of heat that escapes through the combined glass. It  also prevents the condensate from accumulating in the corners. At present there is a trend to minimize the height of window profiles. As a result, the surface of the glazing increases, but thus also the hollow of the glass edge decreases. Such a modern construction of carpentry reveals a distance frame. The frame becomes visible. Therefore, it is now possible to choose the frame structure and its color. This raises the aesthetic value of the product, and gives designers another tool for work .

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Windows with a warm spacer frame increase the energy efficiency of windows. Also have several other functions:

  • separate windows from each other;
  • seal the connection with the sealant so there is no chance that gas escapes from the inside of the glass;
  • the dryling means protects the interior against moisture;
  • increase the color values of the window.
Glass with a warm spacer frame 01

Example of a window with a warm brown spacer.

The most important thing in a window and door production is durability. The use of branded and proven components will allow GFO to make carpentry for the 21st century. We use the AGC experience and shaft products. For us, quality is very important. We take care of every aspect of production. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the other elements of our joinery and glazing options. Please direct the questions via the contact form on the right side or by phone .

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