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Windows Factory

The history of Polish Window Factory, limited liability company, dates back to the beginning of the 21st Century. It was then, when the professionals from window and door industry noticed a small but rapid growth of PVC joinery manufacturer. From the very beginning company’s main motto became to produce windows of the highest quality. What is more, we have tried to develop the company accordingly to the precise which was always connected with Gdansk. This strategy has resulted in attracting the group of the best experts in the city. Thanks to them, we used all the advantages of German production technology.

Who are we now?

In the course of time, we have gained the trust of customers who appreciate the reliability of our products. Gaining experience and completing numerous industry trainings, our sales consultants create very qualified personnel. Nowadays, they share with their knowledge by advising our customers. Thanks to the efficient management and well-matched team our company holds strong position on the local market. Over the years we have been able to extend our sales to the whole region.

An important part of our development was the export. Constant cooperation with foreign customers requires even greater concentration while acting. Our asset is the highest quality of products, and at the same time meeting all European quality standards as well as deadlines of delivery time. Dominant sale of our products to Germany, is also supplemented by a growing number of business contacts with Scandinavia. What is more, our Polish Window Factory expands trade relations in Britain and Azerbaijan.

Polish window factory

Basing on the solid work of the whole staff and continuous production increase, we decided to build a new production hall, in which the most modern machines of the new generation will be installed. The new investment will also provide an ideal working environment, thanks to which we will notice increase not only the quantity but also improvement of the quality of our products. Gdansk Window Factory as a reliable company has certificates of the quality of products. Below we present a picture of the headquarters of Window Factory in Gdansk:

Gdansk’s Human Capital, through which we achieved the success is the greatest value of our Window Factory.

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