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Roller Shutters

A sense of security at home is highly valued by everybody. Roller shutters not only protect your property but give you efficient thermal insulation as well. They shelter you from the elements and allow you to save money on heating. When they are closed in winter you enjoy nice warmth of your room whereas in summer you may escape the heat and feel cool shade inside your home.

Roller Shutters

Front-mounted roller shutters: on-wall mounted and in-opening mounted

Roller Shutters 02

Top-mounted roller shutter: connected with the top of the window frame, creates an integrated system

Front-mouted roller shutters – These shutters are mounted on the outside of a building on the wall or in the opening independently of the existing window. This simple and universal system is highly suitable for most buildings. In case of repair or a check the inspection hatch enables an easy access.

Top-mouted roller shutters – This fully integrated and stable system comprises of a roller shutter connected with the upper part of the window frame. The building design should allow an extra space in the opening to accommodate both a window and a shutter. The design of the shutter enables you to cover its case with plaster which enhances the aesthetic quality. From the inside you have an easy access to the shutter through an inspection hatch. The shutter has the additional advantage of fitting it with a mosquito screen.

Shutters can be operated manually or with a motor. Manual system uses a crank or belt and a belt roller whereas automatic system comprises of a motor and a pilot (a remote control that communicates to the device via radio signals) or a switch connected with the motor with a cable. To make the shutters burglar-resistant manually operated shutters are fitted with automatic shoot bolts and automatic shutters with a device in the motor that prevents a burglar from lifting the shutter.

Colours our Shutters

Our shutters are made of high quality materials. Their innovative design guarantees that you get a long-lasting product. We sell and provide service for individuals and companies.
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