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Window fittings

When purchasing our PVCu windows your choice is not limited to white, standard frames. The choice can be extended not only to a wide range of shades and colours to match the dominant colour of a room but also to various accessories and fittings. You can choose different kinds of functional window fittings, modern door handles or patterned and tempered glass.


All our windows are fitted with hardware from a reputable German company Winkhaus. The modular system provides an excellent selection of hardware technologies. The basic line of hardware is activPilot. This system has many extra features, including increased resistance to burglary – WK1 and WK2 system, an opening restrictor, four tilted positions, micro ventilation, balcony door latch, preventing tilt-when-open device, child safety feature. Another line of hardware is PROPILOT system, where the choice of components has been optimized thus offering the perfect solution for simple window designs. For sliding doors, a perfect tilt & slide duoPort hardware system is applied.


A handle is the part used for operating a window sash. There are standard, Secustic, key-locking and push-button handles available. In addition to the utility function they can serve as a decorative part, so it’s recommended to see all the handles available at the stage of ordering. They will serve as the perfect complement of PVCu window frames. In our offer you can find a wide range of top quality window handles by Hoppe.

Window ventilators

The relative humidity in the room depends, among other things, on the level of air pollution resulting from daily activities, i.e. washing, drying, cooking, and even just being in the room. Lowering the level of humidity can be achieved through the use of ventilators. Humid-sensitive Aereco trickle vents do not require any user’s support as are controlled automatically by the action of polyamide band that reacts to the relative humidity in the room automatically adjusting the degree of opening of the diffuser. In the case of Ventair ventilators, degree of opening of the diffuser depends on the user. The amount of supplied air is regulated by changing the position of the diffuser throttle manually.

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We offer a wide choice of insulated glass units. In our assortment you can find high-quality safety glass (33.1) and burglar-proof panes P2 and P4. Ideal complement to the facades look which also limits the visibility of the interior is patterned windows. We will help to choose the right kind of glass ornaments according to customer’s preferences. In addition, there is a good choice of acoustic glazing Stratofon or reducing the sunlight nuisance Stopsol. In order to increase the thermal insulation, a TGI warm edge spacer can be used.


Classic designs may need Georgian bars as a decoration. There are 3 variants available: the internal bars embedded in the space between the panes during production of a glazing unit; Vienna type bars fixed externally and accompanied by internal multi spacer simulating the division of a window into small panes, or construction elements like mullions and transoms dividing a window into real single panes.

All uPVC windows can be fitted with magnetic sensors (kontaktrons) indicating the entrance to the room during the burglary so every break-in attempt signals that someone is trying to sneak into the room.

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