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As a longtime manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors, for obvious reasons, we specialize in these products. An assortment of our windows can be installed in every type of building. They can be fitted to newly built detached and semi-detached houses, multi-flat residential buildings, industrial and office buildings, cottages and even in containers used as construction site facilities.

Our products can also be used in old buildings under renovation, also listed ones. Five-chamber window profiles in combination with double glazing are the optimal choice for standard multifamily buildings. For more demanding designs of modern passive houses, excellent premium windows provide outstanding thermal insulation. The structure of energy efficient windows not only requires six-chamber profiles. But also triple glazed insulating glass units and an additional seal.

Offer windows and doors

What we offer in addition to the uPVC windows?

Because of our position in the construction market and the resulting favorable agreements with manufacturers of products related to windows and doors, our customers can also count on a large selection of reliable garage doors. Garage doors can be opened manually or equipped with electric motors (operators). Available types of ribbing together with carefully selected colours create a perfect composition complementing an individual design of the building. Impressive entrance doors made of steel provide security and comfort for a long time. The range of door panels includes designs in both modern and classic tone. If you do not delight in spectacular shapes and large glazing we can easily choose for you a model closer to your preferred style.

Roller shutters not only provide a higher level of protection against burglary but also protect you against adverse weather conditions. External and internal window sills will match perfectly the colours and design of your windows. Furthermore we have a wide selection of additional items to the windows i.e. fittings and glass of a higher degree of safety and security, modern door handles, safety devices used to prevent an unauthorized opening by children, very good quality trickle vents enabling air circulation in the room.

Thanks to our extensive and flexible offer, both replacing of a single old window in a block of flats and fitting our windows to a new-built settlement is a very simple matter.

Entrance doors

An entrance door protects your privacy, prevents intruders from entering and, as the most visible and impressive element of the building, tells us much about your taste and financial status. It is essential to be advised by a specialist what kind of door would suit your needs regarding a modest […]

Glazing bars

We can design  windows using mullions and transoms or various kinds of aluminium or PVC glazing bars. Their use in simple and classic designs provide the perfect complement to an elegant design. Bars do not have to be arranged at equal distances, the arrangement is dependent on customer preferences and […]

Window handles

A necessary fitting you need to operate a window is a handle. We offer standard handles, Secustic and lockable (by key or button) ones. In addition to the utility function they can serve as a decorative feature, so while ordering a window choose a handle which will serve as the […]

Trickle vents

Window trickle vents are crucial to the proper air circulation inside the room. PVC windows in combination with well insulated walls form a barrier to the inflow of fresh air, which ultimately leads to improper ventilation. The result of improper air flow is among other things excessive moisture in a […]

Window fittings

When purchasing our PVCu windows your choice is not limited to white, standard frames. The choice can be extended not only to a wide range of shades and colours to match the dominant colour of a room but also to various accessories and fittings. You can choose different kinds of […]

Window sills

The presence of window sills as an integral part of the window in our homes is widely recognized as a dogma. Window-sills are not only a necessary finishing of the window recess, but also constitute a decorative element of the room. We distinguish several types of windowsills. Those that are […]

Garage doors

Classically opened garage doors, so-called tilt doors become a history in the XXI century. This kind of solutions were usually uninsulated and heavy, troublesome while opening and closing. Very often uncontrolled closed by wind gusts. All these problems caused that customers stopped buying such solutions. Currently, gates opened by lifting […]

Roller Shutters

A sense of security at home is highly valued by everybody. Roller shutters not only protect your property but give you efficient thermal insulation as well. They shelter you from the elements and allow you to save money on heating. When they are closed in winter you enjoy nice warmth […]