Gdansk Windows Factory, limited liability company, is currently one of the leaders in manufacturing windows and doors in Poland. Although the company was created in 2002, nowadays we sell our products not only in Poland, but also in most European countries. The company, as well as logistic center, is located in Gdansk. Possession of modern cars enable to realize efficient freight of products.

What kind of products do we offer?

Gdansk Windows Factory

Apart from uPVC products (windows and doors), Gdansk Windows Factory provides also windows, doors and facades made of aluminum or wood (aluminum doors, wooden doors, wooden windows). What is more, in our offer there are also external blinds (blinds) and garage doors. Currently, we sale comprehensive range of window accessories produced by reputable manufacturers at a very attractive price. Nowadays, the potential of the company enables us to produce 400 windows per day. At the same time, our manufactures are characterized by technological advancement and innovation. By implementing the most modern production line at the turn of 2015 and 2016. Our products set the standards at Polish and European market. The main thing is that the products we offer, meet the highest requirements of our customers. uPVC Veka joinery for many years is one of the favorite seller chosen by our clients.

We will be very pleased if our products gain also your appreciation.