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Trickle vents

Window trickle vents are crucial to the proper air circulation inside the room. PVC windows in combination with well insulated walls form a barrier to the inflow of fresh air, which ultimately leads to improper ventilation. The result of improper air flow is among other things excessive moisture in a form of mould and fungi on the walls, the accumulation of exhaled CO2 (carbon dioxide) and toxins from chemicals, or insufficient amount of oxygen resulting in the bad mood.

We can offer you 3 types of window trickle vents:

  • Window vents automatically controlled,
  • Window vents mechanically controlled,
  • Window vents mounted in the window rebate.

Humidity sensitive – controlled automatically.

A polyamide tape is a sensor that analyses changes in the level of relative humidity in the room and modulates the airflow. Relative humidity depends among other things on the level of air pollution resulting from daily activities, i.e. staying in the room, laundry, cooking, drying, etc.. The higher the relative humidity, the more the trickle vent opens and lets more air into the room. Humidity sensitive trickle vents do not require to be set, but in most cases have a manual closing device that allows blocking of the airflow in a minimum setting.

Trickle vents Aereco

Aereco humidity sensitive trickle vent.

Manually controlled.

The amount of supplied air depends on the position of the valve. The occupant adjusts the trickle vent and decides on the amount of air delivered by the device by changing the position of the valve. Unlike automatically controlled trickle vents, the manually operated ones give the users full control according to their preference.

Trickle vents Ventair

Ventair manually controlled trickle vent

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Window rebate-mounted.

The least invasive form of the trickle vent is one mounted in the window frame (in the space between a sash and a window frame). It is fitted by removing the portion of the seal of the window and replacing it with a specially adapted one to fit the trickle vent in.

Trickle vents Regel-Air

REGEL window rebate-mounted trickle vent.

Window trickle vents must be mounted on the upper part of the sash and frame to fully employ their capacity. The customer who orders a trickle vent must be aware that its installation is done by an irreversible interference in the profile window by milling holes. Which are fully covered up by the mounted trickle vent. We undertake installation of air vents in the windows at the stage of production. As well as in the windows already installed at the customer.

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