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Safety windows

WinkHaus hardwares and security.

By equipping the Winkhaus hardware with the right number of safe points (mushrooms and steel hooks), we obtain different classes of window protection against burglary.

Safety windows first 01

A window with increased resistance to burglary (classes 1 and 2) must absolutely:

  • be equipped with a certified fitting with 4 safe points (class 1) or min. 7 safe  points (class 2);
  • be made of a profile reinforced with a steel section;
  • has an anti-burglary glass;
  • has a handle with a key;
  • be properly installed in the wall by an authorized assembly group.

The Winkhaus autoPilot hardwares are certified by the Building Research Institute certifying compliance with the ENV 1627: 1999 standard in classes 1 and 2 (PVC windows) and in 1, 2 and 3 (wooden windows).

Anti-burglary glass.

If we want to protect our house from thieves, we should mount windows equipped with anti-burglary glass. They are specially laminated, made of two or more float panes glued together with a special PVB (polywinylbutyral) film. Anti-burglary glass will be known after the P4 marking. Their strength is high durability. As a result, anti-burglary glass protects not only against burglary, but also protects household members from being injured in the event of glass breakage. Even if this happens, the glass will not scatter, because its pieces will be kept in the film layer.

Window opening sensor.

Designed for mounting on door casing and frames of windows and doors, protecting them against unjustified opening. The shape and size of the jack allow it to be used on the surface in hard-to-reach places. The gold-plated jacks of the reed relay switch covered with ruthenium guarantee a long contact life at low current. It was designed to work with modern control systems operating at a very low current of 1 μA. The ‘Alnico 5’ alloy magnet (aluminum-nickel-cobalt) prevents demagnetization and ensures high magnetic field stability over time. It is available in a white or brown waterproof ABS plastic housing.

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